Comicbook series - ELEMENT X


Klye ambrose is ELEMENT X



   Kyle Ambrose graduated magna cum laude at MIT in 2005. He is currently a geologist at the University of California-Berkeley. He obtained a grant to study indigenous rock formations in the outlying areas. His entire adult life has been dedicated to unraveling the peculiar details about his father’s suicide. All evidence points to suicide but he knows in his heart that it cannot be true. He is hell bent to find answers. At first he is a little course and abrupt but through the process of unraveling the story he starts to become more himself and come into his own.



   Kyle is able to harness the power of the zero-point field (this is a theory that we are surrounded by an unlimited energy source that we cannot see or access). His father's self-injection of an untested potential new element gives Kyle’s brain the potential for unlimited growth. This is achieved through the invitro process, in which the element codes itself to the fetus’s DNA. The at-will ability to access full brain power is unlocked when the brain reaches full maturity. The energy is harnessed though his aura, which is super-charged with this energy. Anything within Kyle's aura can utilize this power, such as new weapons that use zero-point energy, computers, mechanical devices, spacecrafts, etc. He is the power source. This element has properties that instantly establishes a connection between it and the zero-point field. Since the element is inside his body, he is instantly connected to this unlimited source of power. Theoretically, scientists think this energy is the power source of alien vehicles, thus giving Kyle attributes of flight and anti-gravity. He will be able to achieve beyond light speed, and, due to his force shield around his body, he will be protected from the harsh elements of space and other foreign environments. It will ultimately be revealed that the element uniquely encoded to Kyle’s father because of his unprecedented genius, making it nearly impossible to replicate the process. Only a few such persons exist in each century of human existence.

"This is the most innovative thing I've seen in the comic world in a long time."    
- Anonymous




   Although Kyle Ambrose has a force field around his body it acts like a sense. He must see the attack coming in order for him to fully protect himself. This newly acquired sense transfers more energy to a specific area of his body.



   Kyle creates what he calls "floating armor". The armor floats above the electromagnetic field above his skin. .The collar is made of endrochromium and Element X. The collar itself is flat black due to the color of endrochromium and the "X" in the middle of the collar is made from pure Element X and glows when being accessed. A black cape is built into the back of the collar from end to end. It turns on like a machine. It is powered by Kyle's ability to harness the zero-point field. The collar emits electromagnetic rays to enhance his already existing force field over his skin. It reveals the force field visually. It is a clear blue holographic skin that is about a few millimeters from his own skin. He has black tight pants with a few cargo pockets along with a thick utility belt. He has endrochromium cuffs on his wrists. This enables the electromagnetic pulses to bounce back and forth from the collar to the cuffs and to his ankles. There is a constant stream of electromagnetic pulses from his head to his ankles that enhance the force field that he already has. This makes him indestructible.

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