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watch the Video EXPLAINING the LIVE ACTION COMICS process.



  Live Action Comics is a process in which a combination of graphic arts and Acting are merged to create an epic graphic experience. We have a different way of illustrating comics. The merger of actors, photography, locations, special effect, camera angle and props give us a unique and highly detailed graphic experience, instead of using the usual cartoon-based drawings.

  This process is slowly revolutionizing the industry. As technology progresses this procedure will be utilized in a great way. Hand drawings are becoming a thing of the past and the computer digital age is slowly taking foot. Photography is the foundation to our process. The way in which we shoot the cells relay our message. This is like a Photobooks that tells a story.

  "This is the most innovative thing I've seen in the comic world in a long time."    
- Anonymous

  Locations play a big part in the process. The background of the stories in itself paints a picture of where the characters are. Special effects are later added to the photographs in post to add to the graphic epic experience. We have real life actors in our comics. We have the actors play out the scene and their abilities to act with facial expressions are a key element. Expressions relay the tone of the scene. All of these elements combined create our epic graphic comic experience.

  Kyle creates what he calls "floating armor". The armor floats above the electromagnetic field above his skin. The collar is made of endrochromium and Element X. The collar itself is flat black due to the color of endrochromium and the "X" in the middle of the collar is made from pure Element X and glows when being accessed. A black cape is built into the back of the collar from end to end. It turns on like a machine. It is powered by Kyle's ability to harness the zero-point field. The collar emits electromagnetic rays to enhance his already existing force field over his skin. It reveals the force field visually. It is a clear blue holographic skin that is about a few millimeters from his own skin. He has black tight pants with a few cargo pockets along with a thick utility belt. He has endrochromium cuffs on his wrists. This enables the electromagnetic pulses to bounce back and forth from the collar to the cuffs and to his ankles. There is a constant stream of electromagnetic pulses from his head to his ankles that enhance the force field that he already has. This makes him indestructible.

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